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Progressive Web Apps & Angular 2

Nov 24th 2016, 18:30


Is your company in need of a frontend developer or frontend developers?!

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This evening will be all about REVOLUTION

Join us on Thursday 24th of November!

Frontend Revolution the sister of thefrontenlab is proudly welcoming the highly advanced speaker Jad Joubran. Jad will speak about the latest trend in AngularJS Development “Building progressive web apps with Angular 2”


We are honored that he is flying in from Lebanon to speak in his second home Amsterdam 😉 to present at our meetup.





Very early on, at the age of 19, Jad Joubran founded [eTobb](https://www.etobb.com). Nowadays, his experience revolves around mentoring developers across different channels, and coaching Web Development in [Amsterdam](https://www.lewagon.org/amsterdam), [Brussels](https://www.lewagon.org/brussels) & [Lisbon](https://lewagon.org/lisbon) with Le Wagon.


## Some of Jad’s achievements:


– Released open source [Laravel5 angular material starter](https://github.com/jadjoubran/laravel5-angular-material-starter) on github ([demo available](http://laravel-angular.io))

– Published technical articles on ([Sitepoint](http://www.sitepoint.com/author/jjoubran/), [Scotch](https://scotch.io/author/jad), etc..)

– Technical Consultant & Mentor at [Speed Accelerator](http://speedlebanon.com/mentors/), [Codementor](https://www.codementor.io/jadjoubran) and multiple businesses in the MENA region.

– Presented technical talks & workshops at several [international conferences](https://blog.jadjoubran.io/conferences/))





Nov 24th 2016, 18:30