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Peter-Paul Koch | 9th February 2017

Feb 9th 2017, 18:00
Van Lanschot, Beethovenstraat 300, 1077WZ Amsterdam


Peter-Paul Koch!


A complete honour we had Peter-Paul speaking at our Meetup and a big thanks to Van Lanschot for hosting and sponsoring the meetup at their location. 


Peter-Paul Koch did a talk on Choosing the web’s future. 



Peter-Paul also put his slides online https://goo.gl/DoXmIU


You probably know him online as @ppk with over 23,000 twitter followers 😉

Peter-Paul’s twitter: https://twitter.com/ppk

Peter-Paul Koch is a front-end consultant, agent, and trainer!

He has won international awards with his browser compatibility research and popular speaker at conferences!



Feb 9th 2017, 18:00


Van Lanschot

Beethovenstraat 300

1077WZ Amsterdam


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