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ES6 & Vue.js | 19/01/2017

Jan 19th 2017, 18:30
Frontend Developer Meetups HQ, Herengracht 66, 1015 BR Amsterdam


Function Generators of ES6

Vue.js for Angular Developers


Our first speaker was Serghei Ghidora


Serghei works at Bynder and kicked of with a short talk on Function Generators of ES6, after his presentation he demonstrated about 30 minutes of live coding.


Serghei: “I speak 4 languages. I’m a coder, tech magician, musician, positive-thinker, meditation addicted, continuously self-improving, great reader, exploiting creativity and I love to keep my eyes and mind open.”


Follow Serghei on twitter: https://twitter.com/SergioWoons


Serghei Ghidora’s talk on Function Generators:


Our second speaker was Mikhail Kuznetcov 


Mikhail did an interesting talk on Vue.JS for AngularJS Developers.

Vue.js is a modern JavaScript framework for building UI on the web. It managed to combine hipster virtual DOM approach with API well known to any Angular developer. Components, SSR, CLI, state management, dev tools and much more. Besides it has smallest footprint (23kb gziped) and provides great developer experience. Those are the reasons the community and the adoption was growing rapidly last year.

Mikhail is a Senior Frontend developer at Wolters Kluwer, in the past few years he has been a fullstack developer that focused on Javascript. Follow Mikhail on twitter?  https://twitter.com/legkoletat


Mikhail Kuznetcov’s talk on Vue.JS


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Jan 19th 2017, 18:30


Frontend Developer Meetups HQ

Herengracht 66

1015 BR Amsterdam


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